Tuesday, March 6, 2012


All homecoming pics will be available for viewing, downloading, printing, etc., at http://www.mydwhomecoming.blogspot.com/.  See y'all over there.

Robbin Neff


Wasn't this neat?!

This is It

This is all there is for this events folks.  I hope you have enjoyed them all along.  I thank you for not posting names.  This blog will stay open for a good while. 

Please watch for the homecoming pics to be downloaded to a different blog.  It will work the same way.  When I am done with posting these pics, I will see if I can begin that homecoming blog today.  I will start downloading pics to it, at about 25/day, beginning Monday.

I am retired navy myself, and hoped to travel and see the world, and the world's arts.  Instead I create art through a lense.  Some of these pics were good enough to frame and keep.  I hope some of you hung them on your walls. 
I have enjoyed this project very much.  For those of you who do not know, I do this as a tribute, thank you, and service to the families of those who serve me in the USNavy, for free. It is a pleasure to encourage and motivate you.  If I brought smiles and tears of happiness to grandparents, aunts, uncles, sailors, siblings, and most of all moms, then God has blessed you through me.  My work is done.

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Blast

I will be taking Home Coming Pics in the future.  Be sure and check those out when the time comes.  I will announce here the link, and your FRG President will be letting you know on Facebook as well.  There is only one more set after this. 

It sure was a blast to do this for y'all.  Hope you were able to print the images easily, and share with family and friends far away too.

Y'all ready? 

Ok, here we go.

Look!  Finally.
Another batch of pics.
Oooo, there are some good ones in here.
Y'all start leaving comments without names.
You know how.
The nice ones.